Learning enamelling techniques.

Bernard GONNET has been enamelling on metal since 1970. Over the years, he has refined his techniques, from traditional (champlevé, plique-à-jour) to new methods, from both a technical and an aesthetic point of view (torch-firing for large pieces, copper goblets and vases, and sandblasted multilayered enamels)


All workshops take place in Bernard's own workshop in LESCHEROUX, a village 27 km north of BOURG-EN-BRESSE (Ain department) and are intended for professionals, students or very motivated amateurs (interview prior to any workshop).

• Historical, aesthetic and technical approach to enamelled jewellery and silverware pieces from examples, photos, slides and videos.
• Metalwork associated with the art of enamelling: chasing, copperware hammering and shaping (dinanderie), guilloche, metal shaving/ pattern printing, hammering using engraved hammers, cloisonné, paillonnage, etching with ferric chloride.
• Introduction to jewellery (welding, mounting, polishing).
• Enamelling techniques: washing and conservation of enamels, metal pickling, application methods of enamel, test plates.
• Experimental knowledge of enamel in its various aspects (opaque, opalescent and transparent), of different surfaces (copper, gold or silver sheets) and enamel de plique.
• Sprayed enamel powders, painting enamels colours (mixable powders), wash oxides.
• Sandblasted decoration.
• Work on open shapes: bowls, frames and jewellery.
• Work on closed shapes: vases and boxes.
• Work on complex welded shapes.
• Firing techniques.

Each trainee (2 per workshop) will focus on a specific program chosen from these options. Together with gaining technical knowledge, trainees are invited to get creative!
Each course lasts 5-and-a-half days and trainees choose the dates.

CONTACT for further details:
Bernard GONNET
Tel/fax number: 0033. 4. 74. 52. 64. 33

Original text translated by Julie Desmarchelier, 2012.